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Here you will find what you need to begin your journey to Silver Gate.  As you work, we will post info. here that you will need to thrive through your summer employment.

Why work at the Log Cabin Cafe?
  1. A summer at the Log Cabin is truly “once in a lifetime.”  Here, memories and mountains make magic.  You won’t find another restaurant like this.  Most places simply don’t operate for over 82 years.  Even if you find another cafe with such tradition, there are fewer still with only four family owners, like the Log Cabin.  How many of those establishments are located in the wilderness?

  2. You’ll cherish the special friendships you forge at the Log Cabin.  You’ll be part of a family.  Log Cabin co-workers and customers are deeply touched by Log Cabin magic, sharing something uncommon.  You’ll join a group of fellow wilderness journeyers pulled into the Log Cabin’s powerful and indescribable orbit.  You will foster an irreversible sense of loyalty, commitment, romance and beauty within yourself.  Silver Gate and Log Cabin friendships will pull at your heart for the rest of your life.

  3. You will contribute to the well being of the Great Yellowstone ecosystem.  Food and travel are the two most powerful ways humans harm nature.  Our choices about what to eat and how to move can also positively influence the health of our planet.  Join our eco- pressure on the food industry toward responsibility and accountability.  Learn from our example.  You’ll turn a seemingly fleeting summer in the mountains into a lifelong toolbox for ethical action.  You’ll contribute to something bigger and more lasting than yourself. 

P.S.  If these reasons are not enough, the market rewards us.  All good employees leave enriched, both spiritually and materially.

Join the Team

80 Years of Memories,

Mountains and Magic.

Memories Made

Giddy from Ghana sharing Log Cabin Magic with a loyal customer Christopher

How to work at the Log Cabin Cafe?

Although a summer at the Log Cabin is appealing to many, the hard truth is that most people are not qualified to succeed here.  Because this place is so special, our commitment to quality is exacting and uncompromising. 

We admit that we have a stricter work setting than most of our competitors, we are very proud of our standards.  Every year, our business grows.  We are not content to plateau.  As part of an ambitious team, our rising success will pay off for you as well.

Will you meet our standards?  Successful Log Cabin employees are:


  • Honest and True.  Repeat. Honest and True.

  • Strong and Hardworking

  • Confident

  • Intelligent

  • Organized

  • Assertive

  • Amenable (Honor our time-tested training)

  • Committed for the whole summer, May – September (preferred)

Do these qualities describe you?  A link to our job application is at the bottom of this page, but please do not apply without reading every word that follows.

What is work like at the Log Cabin Cafe?
  • THE LOG CABIN:  Our facilities are traditional, a lot has changed since 1937.  This is our primary appeal to our customers, many of our clientele have visited us for over 75 years.  But our history is a mixed blessing.  Please take the facilities as they are, we embrace our long legacy.  Do not expect the kitchen to be totally modern or up to date: this is a “take it or leave it” kind of place.  When our cherished ancestors visit us, we do not attempt to run them out but instead we learn from their wisdom.

  • STRESS: Your job will be stressful at times.  Supplies may run out.  Deliveries are often incomplete.  Part of this is inevitable for any restaurant.  However, our isolation makes our business even harder to predict than most "typical restaurants."  Our staff is perpetually short and our supplies unreliable.  There is no corner grocer or “provision-tree” in the backyard.  Please adapt and flow through difficult situations.  This job will be a study in your acceptance of circumstances outside your control…"Keep calm and carry on"

  • TEAM WORK:  You will inevitably be asked to work and possibly to live with people you do not like.  You may not share a single thing in common with them.  You will be expected to accept co-workers and stay productive in diverse company.  Any conflicts that arise are yours to solve and should never disrupt our work environment.  Managers and owners will not confront your peers on your behalf nor schedule around your personality challenges.

  • HOUSING: Housing is offered in trailers and a bunkhouse style shared apartment.  Housing is limited and filled on the basis of first-come-first-serve and seniority.  Unlimited camping possibilities abound.  Privacy is not available unless private rentals are secured elsewhere.  All staff share kitchen, bath and living areas.  Housing is furnished, dishes, cookware are provided.  Please try to bring your own bedding and towels.  Housing is small, rustic and historic.  Your best opportunity for privacy and comfort lie in the vast outdoors surrounding you.  Make the wilderness your home!

  • SOBRIETY: The Log Cabin is strictly sober at all times.  No substance use will be tolerated.  Anyone using substances at work will be terminated instantly.

  • SILVER GATE:  You will spend hours alone; you will encounter dangerous wildlife; power outages, nasty and cold weather.  You may feel lonely or afraid at times.  Your cell phone will not work and your internet will be slow.  However, if you open yourself to this landscape, you will be changed and inspired.  Silver Gate will remain with you after you leave.  If you believe, Silver Gate will infuse part of your soul with mountain magic.

We will contact you if you have been hired
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106 US Highway 212 

Silver Gate, MT 59081

Northeast Yellowstone


May - October

Daily: 5:30am - 10pm


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