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Memory Book - 1950

Our historical submissions for 1950

A Hard Line

Alivilda Caulk was the second owner of the Log Cabin Cafe from 1940s-1970s. I own it now. Al left one heck of a legacy. Her grit and determination, fearless management and an unwavering commitment to Silver gate and her business live on.


I got to talk to Alvilda's sister, Mavis, in March 2021.

Mavis advises me in the spirit of Alivilda: “You have to run it yourself, you can let them run you.”


My own mother worked for Alivilda in the 1950s-60s. By then, Alivilda had owned it alone for over 15 years. My mom remembers that Al painted a line on the floor of the kitchen across which employees were forbidden to step. Al created her systems, rules and regulations and she stuck to them Mavis tells me. Alvilda wasn’t afraid to draw a hard line, literally. 


Al worked extremely hard and she expected hard work from all her employees. But, as Mavis recognized, not everyone works hard. So Al wasn't afraid to fire anyone, even family. She never favored anyone. On the contrary, family was expected to set an example of hard work. 

Once an employee was trained, they had to do a good job to keep on. One employee even got fired right in the middle of her shift because she didn’t do what she was told.


How did Alivilda recruit and retain her staff then?


That part of her job was easy, the mountains did it for her. “Silvergate was all she talked about,” remembers Mavis. 

The energy of this place is so positive. I talk to so many, including Mavis, who remember it as a “favorite place” on earth. Mavis calls it “the atmosphere” of Silvergate. She says you feel like the mountains are right on top of you here.

Please help fill in our history!

If you have a special photo and memory, please share it with us and we will save here as part of the Log Cabin Cafe's history. Send us your digital or physical photo with a short memory and we will log it and share it with all that visit us. Email us at to share.    

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