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Memory Book - 1964

Our historical submissions for 1964

Paths that Beckon 

Here are photos of Alvilda Caulk's crew from 1964. They lived on a cabin by the creek right behind the Cafe. So the commute was pretty scenic (pictured path).

These photos are from Vranna Sue, Laurie's mom, recording one of her summers working for Al. She remembers Al drew a hard line in the kitchen. Literally, staff were banned from certain work areas of the kitchen where she and her sister, Clara, worked their homemade magic. 

Alvilda built a no nonsense reputation, keeping things "just so" as her sister Mavis remembers. 

Note the white uniforms girls were wearing. Not much margin for error there...

But on off time, things could get wild. Here is Vranna Sue tossed into Soda Butte creek! Burrrr!!!!

These are Vranna's Sue's words:

"Girls who worked at the log cabin the summer of 1964 path to our dorm back by the river, I got thrown into the soda butte off the bridge on the back road-made quite a splash, don't you think?!"

Please help fill in our history!

If you have a special photo and memory, please share it with us and we will save here as part of the Log Cabin Cafe's history. Send us your digital or physical photo with a short memory and we will log it and share it with all that visit us. Email us at to share.    

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