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Memory Book - 1967

Our historical submissions for 1967


We had a great meal there at the cafe. While I didn't get a picture of the cafe or my lunch but I did take a photo of my uncle Roger looking for the bathroom out back. He was wondering aimlessly as he has done before. Can't wait to come back. - Bob


Winter '66/67

It was Christmas Eve. Silver gate was lodged in their hearts but they were far away, in Minnesota. 

"Let's Go!"

Mavis' sister Alvilda owned the Log Cabin and lived in her Silver gate cabin alone all winter. Alvilda skied, snowshoed on a pair of homemade snowshoes and enjoyed the quiet. Mavis tells that her sister was "never bored" despite the Silver gate solitude. 

So off they went to visit Aunt Al! That very night, they piled into the car. When they got to Yellowstone, they would never have made it without chains on their tires. It was one of those miracle drives. Gutsy!

Once in Silvergate, they enjoyed the snow, sipped hot cocoa and appreciated Alvilda's fabulous meals. Mavis recalls her own little secret: "I hoped we would get snowed in so we wouldn't have to leave!"

Please help fill in our history!

If you have a special photo and memory, please share it with us and we will save here as part of the Log Cabin Cafe's history. Send us your digital or physical photo with a short memory and we will log it and share it with all that visit us. Email us at to share.    

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