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Ralf ‘Travis’ Masch is a certified Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) guide and a spiritual life coach. He is a fully ordained Dharma teacher in the mindfulness tradition of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh and a member of the St. Romuald society of New Camaldoli, a Christian contemplative order in the Benedictine tradition.


His business background is as a publisher of multiple award-winning books on mindfulness and as a pet bereavement counselor. He currently lives in Cambridge, England.

"During my I Ching reading over Zoom with Travis I experienced him as someone who based on his spiritual knowledge and experience can very deeply empathize with others and accompany and “nudge" along internal processes with his points of view. He has a unique, individual perspective that he places alongside the familiar, well-established patterns of other people and thus offers change.


Using the I Ching, he combined his resources and competencies in a way that significantly expanded normal advice. The ancient I Ching wisdom combined with his own - something special came out of our session that only he could do."

- Regine B.

"In my I Ching session, Travis stood out from other spiritual counselors by entering into a deep dialogue about the emerging associations of the I Ching answer to the question I had asked. I was able to communicate very openly and confidentially with him about the answer and understanding of possible solutions. The otherwise oracle-like aspect of the I Ching moved into the background and with his guidance, a more advisory, almost pastoral conversation developed." - Michael S.

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