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Memory Book - 1945

Our historical submissions for 1945

All In

“I’ll pray for you,” Mavis tells me.


She is the younger sister of legendary Log Cabin Cafe owner, Alvilda Caulk. She knows from experience how much I need prayers. Alivilda had my job as owner and sole proprietor of the Log Cabin Cafe for over 30 years. In March, 2021, Mavis honored me with her memories of the Cafe and her sisters Alvilda and Clara who worked together from the 40s to the 70s. 


Alvilda dove in head first to the Log Cabin, working night and day. That might be my main take-away from Mavis’ memories, Alivilda was utterly disciplined, a tireless worker. Her job lasted “100 days.” I can relate. I "clock-in" in May and don't "clock out" until November.

“You must be really brave,” Mavis says to me, but it sounds like she knows something I don't. Its humbling, hearing about her sister’s strength and commitment. 


“You have to have faith in yourself.” Mavis nails it. What’s required to make it here is confidence. When in doubt, I often tell myself the true story about myself and this place. “If Alivilda could do it way back when, I can do it now.”


I am so thankful to my ancestral soul sisters for leading me with footsteps I am inspired and honored to follow.




Please help fill in our history!

If you have a special photo and memory, please share it with us and we will save here as part of the Log Cabin Cafe's history. Send us your digital or physical photo with a short memory and we will log it and share it with all that visit us. Email us at to share.    

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