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Memory Book

Visit and contribute to the cafe's history by sharing your favorite photo and memory

Click on a date from the drop down history menu to discover more about the Cafe. Try 1937, the year the Cafe was opened, 1945, for info about Alvilda Caulk or 1950 for a little story about Al's sister Clara.... 

The Log Cabin Cafe Time Line



National Park

Signed into law by

President Ulysses S. Grant 

on March 1, 1872

A Timeless Treasure

The Log Cabin Cafe has had a long history but few owners.  There have only been four proprietors in over eighty years.

1937 - 1977 Built by Hannah, soon operated by Alvilda Caulk

1977 - 2007    Kay & Cecile King

2007 - Today  Laurie Hinck 

Featured in "Travel for Wildlife" 
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