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Memory Book - 1939

World's Fair and Memories of Pastel Pink Businesswomen

We received a letter from Cheryl Layman who found the original Log Cabin Cafe postcard and Hannah's business card from her grandmother's visit in 1939, just two years after the cafe opened.  Her grandmother was on her way from Minnesota to the San Francisco World's Fair, they stayed in Silvergate, ate "Home Cooked Foods" at the Log Cabin Cafe, visited Yellowstone and went on their way. They likely traveled highway 212 from Minneapolis to Silvergate, 931 miles most likely all of it on this dirt road. 

In 1994, some 55 years later, her granddaughter Cheryl Layman also stayed in Silvergate, ate a "Home Cooked" meal at the Log Cabin Cafe when it was operated by Kay and Cecile King and also visited Yellowstone. This spring Cheryl so kindly sent us this piece of history from 80 years ago. 

The pale pink business card identifies Mrs. Hannah Oie as proprietor of the Log Cabin. She built the Cafe in 1937 but is otherwise an illusive mythical presence about which little is known.


Hanna sold to Alvilda Caulk who built up the Cafe in its heyday with her sister Clara. The sisters are legendary.  They made everything from scratch! Mavis, another sister, says of Alvilda's leadership at the Cafe: "she dove in head first." 

Now, Laurie owns the Cafe alone as did Alvilda and Hanna.  Our tenacious feminine ancestors inspire!

Please help fill in our history!

If you have a special photo and memory, please share it with us and we will save here as part of the Log Cabin Cafe's history. Send us your digital or physical photo with a short memory and we will log it and share it with all that visit us. Email us at to share.    

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