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85 Years ofHome Cooking


Hidden deep in the woods just north of Yellowstone's Lamar Valley, the Log Cabin Cafe is a special place. Since 1937, we have served simple, nutrient dense meals in our unforgettable log dining room. ​​Built by a single woman during the Great Depression, operated by a single woman during the 1940s-70s, the Log Cabin Cafe has offered the delicious flavors of home for decades. ​

Escape Hectic Pressure. Slow down. Settle in Silence.We have long been to committed to ethical, local sourcing and environmental protection because we believe in safeguarding this magic place for future generations.. Open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner, May - September. Menu features pancakes of the 1930s and the best grilled trout on the planet. Perfect for visitors engaged wildlife watching in Yellowstone. 


Join up! A History of Brave Women:

In 1937, Hannah Oie built the Log Cabin Cafe at 56. The logs are all hand hewn and many of the furnishings are made with wooden pegs instead of nails. Hannah enchanted the wilds into wonder with her elegant vision. Her secret cabin captivates all who discover it.

Alvilda Caulk soon bought it in 1939 and operated the Cafe alone. Her sisters Clara and Mavis helped carry the load. And they made everything from scratch, working night and day. Al made sure everything was "just so" during her tenure. 

What do you remember of this hidden history? Share your memories of this historic mountain cafe with us and you will become part of the history

Cafe Table for 2

Send us your comment and photo to share.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner + Espresso & Sweets 

Since 1937, hungry visitors have relished our home cooking.  We have kept all the famous 1930s Cafe traditions alive.

Menus items use responsible ingredients & historic flavors. Lolo’s Lollypop shop meets and greets with sweet treats to fill  caffeine/sugar requirements of every vacationer. No matter what meal we have the pleasure to serve you, you'll be taking part in a long-favored tradition for Yellowstone visitors.

Historic Breakfast Traditons
World Famous Pumpkin Bread

Yum x 5!

Don't leave without a slice of pumpkin bread, whether as an appetizer or for vacation breakfast dessert!  We serve it grilled with succulent Montana honey.


Order a loaf to go or a mix to bake at home.

World Famous Trout
World Famous Trout Dinner

A favorite standby for thousands of travelers every summer, our world famous grilled trout hasn’t changed a bit.  We serve it at every meal! 


Take a piece of history home

The Log Cabin Cafe has been a Yellowstone brand for over 80 years. It was born in the mountains before WWII.


Take home a small piece of iconic America. Explore our history or take our landmark brand home with you.


We are "the-log-cabin-cafe"

American Branding
Log Cabin Cafe TShirts

The Log Cabin Cafe T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs


Thoughtfully Sourced & Indulgently Served
We share your love of nature too.

All our meals use local and wholesome ingredients. Most of our green practices do not come easy, as they might in the "real world." 

Read more about our environmental efforts on our Protect page. 

Ground Beef

Grass fed, free range cows.  Raised sustainably without hormones.


Wheat Montana Bakery, less than 150 miles away. Chemical and Pesticide Free & Non GMO.

Organic Coffee

Fair Trade, Always Organic


Glass, aluminum, paper and plastic.

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