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I am all alone in all of Yellowstone

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Right Now Yellowstone is all mine or nearly.

Yellowstone and all of Montana are closed for non essential business. Having Yellowstone to myself is a tremendous grace. It is showing me a magical, brilliant night sky. It is giving me solidarity with silence, hours passing without sound of a single car or airplane. We have always been more quiet than the rest of the world and now we are more quiet than we have ever known. Moose and birds truly rule now as never before. It is wonderful.

Amidst uncertainty about the coming tourist season here’s what we know for sure:

We’re grateful: The Log Cabin and Yellowstone are the world’s “happy place.” We are cherished by countless visitors and we reciprocate. We are sending you eternal love from this place of contentment…

We’re well: Silver Gate soothes like no place on earth. When we are able, we’ll all share this priceless healing and calm together.

We’re committed: In the next quarter, we’re determined to hold to the community/regional center we have in every previous summer since 1937. Hannah opened this place alone in the Great Depression. We are here now, ready to open as soon as we safely can.

We’re joyful: It is so easy to experience pleasure here. We have been skiing the trackless snow, meandering the forests and creek beds around the Cafe. Joy is everywhere: clean pure water, birds owning the skies, sweet pure air. When route finding gets tough, we watch for rabbit paths, they never fail to lead us out and even better, they make us smile.

We are challenged too:

  1. Our overseas family won’t be able to join us until mid summer, soonest. Delayed overseas employees could mean limited operating hours and/or limited menu selections. Our dine-in operation of breakfast, lunch and dinner requires 10-15 employees.

  2. Our demand will likely overwhelm as soon Yellowstone reopens.

What we need now:

  1. Employees and housing: If you have a place near Silver Gate and/or need extra cash, get in touch. You can earn money by renting a room to one of our American recruits or join our team or both. If you know someone looking for work, please let them know. WE ARE HIRING

  2. Connection: Be in touch. Add to our memory book, see our latest “mug shots." Submit a family photo or story of your memory mug in cool places: ( Share us with your friends. Inspiring us are songs, meditations and podcasts. Recommending Anne with an E on Netflix... stories of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Missing worship at Mount Republic Chapel of Peace. Let us know how you’re faring. What are you reading and streaming?

  3. Grace and Love: U.S. hardships are indeed infinite but matters are even worse for our loved ones across the ocean. If you have a special message or fond memory about our overseas family, we’ll forward. We have all learned so much from our diverse Log Cabin family and they are suffering too. For years they’ve gifted us with their determination, courage, selflessness, strength, resilience, tirelessness and patience. Let them know they are still in our hearts and never forgotten.

  4. Hope: reserve a cabin for later in the summer, if you have the means. Support your snuggles and help see us through with organic cotton hoodies and mugs. Gift cards are especially helpful and can be redeemed for years to come.

Yours from the heart of the forest,


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