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We need some help with thanking a friend!

Dear Friends,

We know the Log Cabin Cafe was built in 1937 by Al and Hannah Caulk. We presumed it had been operated for a number of year by Hannah (Hannah Oie) as the proprietor and operator but we never had any pictures or history that went back that far, back to days of our cafe's creation.

This spring we received a letter from Cheryl Layman who found the original Log Cabin Cafe postcard and Hannah's business card from her grandmother's visit in 1939, just two years after the cafe opened. Her grandmother was on her way from Minnesota to the San Francisco World's Fair, they stayed in Silvergate, ate "Home Cooked Foods" at the Log Cabin Cafe, visited Yellowstone and went on their way. They likely traveled highway 212 from Minneapolis to Silvergate, 931 miles most likely all of it on this dirt road.

In 1994, some 55 years later, her granddaughter Cheryl Layman also stayed in Silvergate, ate a "Home Cooked" meal at the Log Cabin Cafe when it was operated by Kay and Cecile King and also visited Yellowstone. This spring Cheryl so kindly sent us this piece of history from 80 years ago.

There wasn't a return address nor any contact information, so we have no way contact her to tell her how kind and thoughtful it was for her to take the time and send this us. It's truly a valuable piece of our cafe's history and we will frame and cherish it.

If Cheryl reads this or if you know her please help us to reach out to her and thank her. If never find her and she remains anonymous, we hope that she will read this at some point and realize how thankful we are for receiving it. Your grandmother's mementos are now saved as part of our history, a history that makes the Log Cabin Cafe truly one of kind in America. Our heartfelt thank you to you Cheryl.

The original LCC Postcard and Business Card

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