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THAT’S RIGHT: Open Soon for our 2019 Season. Join us for famous first weekend brunch with all the traditions of pumpkin bread, pancakes and famous grilled trout.

  • An expanded menu, fully customized meals, smoothies, living salads, homemade tamales and more

  • A colorful outdoor patio

  • New, limited edition collectors mugs, with a new design each year

  • A “stress-free-zone” where staff, tourists and locals can decompress in quiet time alone, absorbing the special silence that makes us unique

  • A take a book leave a book station

  • A series of community events, every Monday afternoon. Time for Memories, Making art, Music and Meditation

  • Staff from all over the world including the States, Ghana, Thailand, Mongolia, Columbia, Malaysia

  • International nights with festive fares, proceeds to benefit school fees

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