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Rattle Your Cage

We all know the truth.

Hint: Its not in your phone, your tv, your Instagram post. It lies within. In love. In gratitude. In joy. In our birthright.

In Silver Gate. We have everything we need and nothing we don’t.

We think of the freedom in Silver Gate to explore. We are reminded that we are in a special place where technology service providers won’t come, we have no wifi, no cell service. We don’t have repairmen on call or even a dentist. We sometimes don’t have electricity.

These “depravations” point us to higher blessings within ourselves and all around us.

Without distraction, we are free to explore the vast universe of nature. So many resources, all free. Who could ask for anything more?

At the log cabin, you’ll eat amazing and tasty food. Even better, you'll notice our unique commitment to ethical sourcing. Without making a fuss about it, we feed you organic, local and direct foods, grown and raised nearby, without harsh chemicals. You’ll buy organic cotton t-shirts for the same price as those made from conventional cotton. But ours are not doused in dangerous pesticides. Ours are even printed without chemical inks. You’ll meet staff devoted to this mountain haven. You feel our equal welcome to all who join us, regardless of their country of origin, the color of their skin.

Consider us your simplicity station. Enjoy Silver Gate for what it is. Here you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Clear fresh water. Clean and comfortable shelter. Healthy nourishing meals, crafted with love from ethically sourced foods, most of them local. You have resources here in greater abundance than most people around the world, who often struggle to survive each day.

Discover what’s important in Silver Gate. Simplicity for the sake of being simple. Nothing more.

Sure, you might miss the cell service and high speed internet, but deep within you know the truth. You don’t need those things, especially not on vacation.

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