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Four one pound loafs shipped to your home or business!


Help us to rebuild after the the tragic flooding in Silvergate of the Soda Butte Creek. This special order includes four loves of the special Pumpkin Bread to share locally and donation to help our business continue.  We very much appreciate your purchase and support. 


Have the flavors of the Log Cabin Cafe at home. Homemade daily from organic pumpkin. Best when served warm with natural vanilla ice cream & a local clover honey.


Why is this recipe so hard to replicate?  We bake it here at our cabin cafe at 7,600 feet, with fresh alpine air and tons of love. This elevation and our recipe makes the most amazing pumpkin bread.  In the peak summer many visitors want to take a loaf home but we sometimes run out of time to make enough.  Now is your chance.  - "I eat mine pan grilled with melted butter and Sweedish Pearl Sugar!" - Chad, Minneapolis, MN

Flood Re-Builder Pumpkin Bread Super Order

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