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Healing Happens in Silvergate

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

The quiet worked something in me. I felt better fast.

I stayed in Silver Gate for a good part of the winter. I’ve been globe trotting a lot and needed stillness. Peace, quiet, solitude. After only a few short weeks of deep deep rest, without trying, I felt better naturally.

Yellowstone is resilient. Its buried in ice but the ice always melts. Life flourishes with wonder and vibrancy every spring. Nature is powerfully resilient. So are we.

We are changed with nature. Automatically, even despite ourselves, we bow to something bigger and higher here.

We sacrifice screens, speed, socializing…Minding stars and snowflakes instead. And as we do so humbly, we are bettered. Yellowstone heals.

And Yellowstone’s healing is eternal. It never goes away. It is very reassuring to remember this certainty. It is real. We’re here.

We’re here in the quiet, and the quiet here in us. Always and forever.

LOG CABIN CAFE OPENS THIS WEEK WITH LOLO'S LOLLYPOP SHOP Despite instability, some things remain. We're soon offering take out espressos, immunity teas and smoothies, candies, daily pastries and of course our famous pumpkin bread, Yellowstone's favorite Cafe since 1937 opens for full service dining as soon as possible. Another year of mouthwatering traditions awaits: pancakes & amazing grilled trout. Some things never change and these are worth waiting for.

NEW: Introducing new menu selections for what the world needs now: love love love (on a plate). New comfort food selections like homemade chicken dumplings and living salads, healthful & delicious! Rest easy in our new “stress-free-zone.” A place for any and all to heal from the unique quiet of Northeast Yellowstone.

Find real refuge in our new tiny house retreat (pictured above). Danu's house of the Silver Forest works magic in minutes with its big views, deep steeping tub and yoga loft. Big discounts for longer stays in March/April/May.

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