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Silver Gate's Mood Swings

Yellowstone in Fall

Balance your act this autumn....Open through October

In hatha yoga we learn balance through opposition.

An outstretched arm is held with seemingly little effort in an impossible position. Grace is found from the balance of a leg poised and calibrated precisely in the opposite direction. We hold beauty from push and pull, counterbalance. We root to rise. We have a felt, sensual experience of joy surpassing human reason. Our beauty is not achieved by arm or foot but the unseen energy in between. The limbo is the logic; a foolishness appreciated by the wise.

Northeast Yellowstone knows just such inexplicable grace and beauty right now. Poised between summer and winter, our autumn days swing as if by hammock between brisk cold nights and warm breezy evenings. Wintery peaks pierce our skies, glistening green grasses anchor our valleys. Brilliant azure pulling upward, flashing gold willows drawing downward. Our glowing light shines precisely equal at equinox to our night's starry shadows.

Join us this fall to revel in Yellowstone’s best days. Pack a cool tank top but don't forget your favorite toasty flannel. This is the season when both serve a equally perfect, yet distinctly opposite purpose.

Discover your balancing act in Silver gate this fall where guaranteed golden opportunities await.

Open through October, 2017 for your favorite eats plus cabin retreats

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