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Settle for Stargazing

Replace your Screen-gazing. Gaze Upward, Expand Yourself Inwardly

Here's a simplicity journal to contemplate our place in the vast universe. Its on the occasion of this month’s solar eclipse, rumored to be viewed best from our neck of the woods. And we need your help.

Silver Gate stargazing is unmatched. Simplicity reigns.

Its hard to believe, but some people panic here because we do not have conventional technology. Satellites provide our internet. Regular cell and internet providers don’t service here. They won’t. No matter if we panic or not.

Best to surrender, learn a deeper lesson about what we need. It rests within, not in phone or device. A unique experience awaits in silver gate. When you point your attention skyward, you understand some greater purpose in our existence.

Silver Gate lies deep inside Beartooth mountains, as if God chiseled out this place from above. We are cut precisely from our remoteness, our smallness, our humility before the vastness. We’ll take the slow satellite internet over the rapid wifi. We cherish the opportunity to count our more significant blessings as infinite as the stars.

Silver Gate’s unique shape sculpts our choices in special ways. Log cabin people are remarkably kind. We cherish our simplicity, we don’t waste our internal resources wishing for high speed, linked in technology. We focus on what we have, not what we lack. We have enough.

Inspired by stars instead of screens, our hearts are open with the bigger picture, we replace greed with generosity, donating most of our profits.

What inspired choice have you made from Silver Gate? In altruism and selfless courage you can join us this month contemplating miracles on the solar and earthly planes. Our family needs your help.

Ways you can give:

Save a log cabin life

Share your inspiration here and we’ll post to our new blog

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