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The Log Poem

The Log

A piece of useless wood to the world

Resilient through bad and good times

Yet always with a beautiful smile on her face, no matter the weather, never feeling the need to change

But yet constantly adapting.


deep in her heart,

buried in the core of her values,

makes it feel like home,

because we unite in diversity,

in our pain and anger we create love and

give the outside world our best


are the smile it hold always no matter the weather

Because after every day we smile,

give out our best and pour out our hearts

My utopia

Sorry guys, our utopia

A place where trying is lying and doing is the only truth we know

The place where food shelters us from division

always enough for all from dawn till dusk

The log cabin, my log cabin, our log cabin

We don't only serve food but love and tradition.

Bon appetite !!!!!!!!!

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