The Log Cabin Cafe's Backyard

“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.”

--Zeno, Greek Philosopher

Considering the stunning setting of the Log Cabin Café, we are pleased to promote a healthy and everywhere, now and for the future.  

Members, 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is an Alliance of businesses worldwide committed to creating a healthy planet.
1% of our Annual Revenues go to the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. We are so grateful for their advocacy of our environmental values.
Local, Direct Supplies:
We happily  support small, family run operations.  Buying from local and direct sources is just good business in today’s corporate climate when bail-outs flow only to big business.  Plus, did you know that transporting food accounts for 30,800 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year?  The average food product travels about 1,500 miles to get to your grocery store? Examples of the local and direct food we use include:
Ground Beef from Coon’s Age Farm, less than 100 miles east of the Log Cabin Cafe.
            Grass fed, free range cows.  Raised sustainably without hormones.
Salmon from Northern Lights Smokery, Petersburg Alaska
            Wild and caught by local fishermen, packaged without dyes in a family smokery.
Organic Coffee from Bozeman, Montana’s International Coffee.
            Fair Trade, Always Organic
Breads from Wheat Montana Bakery in Gallatin Valley, Montana, less than 150 miles.
            Chemical and Pesticide Fress, non GMO.
Trout from Buhl, Idaho, less than 500 miles.
Sustainably raised
Local Artisans:
Furniture Outdoor log furniture from Cooke City's Republic Creek Furniture.
Lumber Milled just up the road by Drew Morell.
Screen Printing T-shirts printed in Cooke City by Town Hill Clothing.
Organics are grown without chemicals, pesticides or genetic modification, which have proven harmful to the planet and human health.
Foods: Baby Greens, Tomatoes, Coffee, Pasta Sauce, Oils, Herbs and many seasonal Vegetables are organic 
Supplies: Our T-shirts and Bed and Breakfast cabin linins are 100% Organic Cotton
Glass, aluminum, paper and plastic
Non-toxic Supplies:
Safe cleaning products and other supplies keep harmful chemicals out of ground water and soil.
Limited “to-go” containers:
No paper “to go” beverages, reusable mugs only
Eco Friendly “to go” boxes for leftovers and take out orders
Join for News about Silver Gate, MT

406 838 2367 ~ 5:30 am - 10 pm daily

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