Larry & Vranna Sue Hinck at the Ol' Jackson...Cafe Kitchen, 2007
Log Cabin About Us

"To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug."

             --Helen Keller


The Log Cabin Cafe and Bed and Breakfast preserves a unique historical heritage in a spectacular mountain setting.  Serving legendary Rocky Mountain fare, we are dedicated to protecting our mountain surroundings and enriching our community.

 The Log Cabin Café has had a long history but few owners.  There have only been four proprietors in over seventy years.  Many visitors remember Kay and Cecile King who operated the café for thirty years, from 1977 to 2007.  The Kings spent summers in Silver Gate as a “break” for their winter teaching and community service in Lincoln, Nebraska.  They bought the restaurant from Al Caulk who had operated it since the late 1930s.  In 2007, as two former employees of the Kings and Caulk, Laurie Hinck (who worked in the cafe during the 1980s) and Vranna Sue Hinck (who worked during the 1950s), bought the café with thier spouses Jay Schifferdecker and Larry Hinck.  To read more about us in the press, click here and here.  


Laurie, Jay, Vranna Sue and Larry all have deep Silver Gate roots.  Vranna Sue and Larry operated Timberline Lodge across the street from the cafe during the early 1970s.  Laurie was born there.  They still have a family cabin which they renovated from one of the Timberline’s motel rooms.  Jay Schifferdecker moved to the area in 1991.  On a trip through, he was awed by the mountaineering opportunities and never left.  Now, Laurie and Jay live in Silver Gate year round with their dogs Grubber and Keeper.  We run and the Silvertip Mountain Center retail store from the former Timberline Lodge building where Laurie was born.  In the summers, we all pitch in at the restaurant to help a terrific crew of area locals and adventurous students from all over the world.  Kay King still makes the haul from Nebraska each summer to live in this beautiful place.  He provides untold support and expertise and is a welcome help every summer.  The history of this family run café is a rare treasure in today’s corporate culture and we are honored to uphold its unique heritage.



When you visit, ask for Kay, Laurie, Jay, Vranna Sue or Larry—we would love to meet ya! Come join our family and you’ll taste the difference.


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